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Astute Commentator
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Registered: ‎10-29-2009

Weird issue when logging into LAN client

After being on vacation for a week, I came back into the office and get this message after logging into SalesLogix:


"You password or database access has changed since logging into the application.  A connection to the database can no longer be established.  The application will now terminate."  Hitting OK on the message shuts down the client.


This is with the 7.5.2 client.  I tried both my and the Admin login with the same results, however I can login from another machine and I don't get the message.  I can log into Architect and Admin with no problems.


I've never seen this message before, and it seems strange to me that this occurs after logging in.  Nothing changed (or so I was told) in the week I was gone.  Anyone run across this before or have some idea of what could be going on?



Jason Buss - Customer FX Corporation / Application Developer
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