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Separating attachments

Has anyone gone about the task of separating attachments in the 'documents' folder?  We have a client with a huge number of attachments and there is quite a delay in the retrieval of a document.  We are wondering if we could somehow group attachments into folders that the retrieval time could be sped up.  At this point, it seems like we'd need to re-write the attachment functions.  Wanted to see if anyone had tackled this and could point me in a more efficient direction.


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Re: Separating attachments

We're in the process of doing exactly what you are talking about. The BIG problem is dealing w/synch. Having a"path too long" breaks things (in fact, there is a KI w/filenames being too long and they break synch every day!).


I've looked at modifying the basic system to deal with it and have (almost) come to the conclusion you have to throw out (stop using) the existing attachment system and write your own from scratch... but we will see.


If Sage made a "few" changes to the existing "hard-code" portions of the product (in both LAN and Web) it would be fairly easy to do a hierarchy arrangement. Something as simple as implementing attachments so they are "like" the Library (two tables - one for "folders" and one for actual documents we would be well on our way. Also, you NEED to have SECCODEID added to the mix.. this is a MUST.

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Re: Separating attachments

I have been after Saleslogix for along time to fix this for some time. Attachments are not scalable. Having used Saleslogix for over 10 years and having 314434 attachments we starting having this problem awhile ago. We fixed it by creating a program which runs on a schedule and creates and moves attachments to subdirs after they are attached. We keep it short to avoid the path to long issue. The first subdir is the last two of the year and under that the first 2 of the account name. This allows us to tier the storage for 10 year old documents to our older slower storager. So  example.xls under the SLX attachment dir for client ABC  would become \\SLXattachmentdir\10\AB\example.xls. I have personally spoken the David Wallace about this.