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Registered: ‎02-11-2010

Saleslogix 7.5.2 Web Field Level Security Problem

Hi there..


I am trying to write some logic on the screen that will disable a few controls according to a selection in a picklist. Trouble is, even after disabling a control it is still enabled. I thought initially there was a problem with the "Enabled" property, but I have confirmed that works fine as putting the disabling code into a Page_PreRender() it works correctly. So its a timing issue. Specifically its a timing issue with field level security. I disable the field, field level security comes along and says this field should be editable so it reverses my change! V. annoying. I logged this one originally in 7.5.1 but nothing appears to have happened.


I know within a custom smartpart you can change the binding so that the IgnoreFLSDisabling is equal to true, but the problem is I have quite a few quickforms that this is affecting so I cannot change this flag without converting them all to custom smartparts (which the client does not want, for support reasons).


Has anybody had any joy of "switching off" FLS for certain fields in a quickform? Or know if there is a hotfix either out or on the way for this one?