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Accepted Solution

SalesLogix Account/Contact Merged Log

For starters, I am new to SalesLogix and am still finding my way through Architect/Administrator examples, Google, and client usage.  I've been reading some interesting threads, but this is my first post here; Hello, world!  Now, on to the main event...


My company has requested that we log changes due to merging of contacts/accounts.  My first hope was that someone had done this already and I could get an addon, but most of what I found by searching Google was related to Mail Merge and not helpful.  My next thought was to intercept a Merge command in the client using Architect, but after reading these forums, I've discovered that I can't customize the List View grid as it is hardcoded.


I guess the option that I'm left with is creating a trigger on Contacts/Accounts/History/any other table affected by merge and writing some useful data to a Logging table.  Later, I could use SQL to filter the rows by EntityID and recover some related information.


Do I have a good plan?  Is there a better one?  Any other comments?


Thanks in advance for reading/responses.

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Posts: 2
Registered: ‎10-26-2010

Re: SalesLogix Account/Contact Merged Log

After researching several alternatives, I've come back to the idea of using SQL triggers.  The triggers are simple enough to write, but I'm running into an annoying problem.  I've created a trigger after DELETE on sysdba.CONTACT, which should fire when an contact is merged.  Logging works fine if I delete a record in SQL Server Management Studio.  In SalesLogix, however, merging contacts is broken; nothing happens.  Even simply deleting a contact will not work.  If I remove the trigger, SalesLogix returns to normal.


I figure that the missing link has something to do with SalesLogix.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Here is the SQL for the DELETE trigger on sysdba.CONTACT:


USE [SalesLogix]
ON [sysdba].[CONTACT]

    DECLARE @WorkStation VARCHAR(255)
    DECLARE @WindowsLogin VARCHAR(255)

    SET @WorkStation = HOST_NAME()
    EXEC @WindowsLogin = sysdba.GetUserName @WorkStation
    EXEC @IPs = sysdba.GetIPs @WorkStation

    INSERT INTO [SLX_Logs].[dbo].[Merge_Log]
    (id, table_name, date, row_deleted, workstation, ip_addresses, windows_login)
            FROM DELETED AS d

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Re: SalesLogix Account/Contact Merged Log

Try SET NOCOUNT ON. If the Trigger returns anything to SalesLogix it gets angry.
Timmus Agersea
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