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Copper Elite Contributor
Posts: 41
Registered: ‎03-09-2009

Sales Processes Format/Display Error

Hey Everyone,


So this is a kind of odd issue and by no means a "deal breaker", but has left me in the wondering what the heck is going on here mood.


Creating Sales Processes, no issue(s), but when entering a "Scheduled To-Do" and inserting notes for the sales rep to review, the format goes all wonky.  You'll be better able to see from the attached screen shots what is happening.  In the "Initial Result" is how it is typed in.  In the "End Result" is how it's displayed (with the carriage returns visible and the line format shot...)  Has anyone encountered this before?  Running v7.5.0 LAN/Remote, on WINXP + MS Office 2007 with Admin, Architect, and Client on same laptop.  Tried this on just the server and same result.


Really quite perplexing.  And not for nothing, but wouldn't it have been sweet to allow formating of the text in the Sales Process, such as Bold, Italic, and colors?  Maybe that is available on the web version, not sure.  Not that it would help me here.


Thanks in advance for any ideas!!