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Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-20-2009

Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics Beta Program

[ Edited ]

We are preparing for the Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics Beta testing cycle to begin in early May. 


Advanced Analytics is a business intelligence tool that aggregates CRM-related data into key metrics and allows users to analyze those metrics in different ways. It helps management, analysts and front-line employees to understand what is going on in the business, take corrective actions when needed, and to make better decisions.


This beta will be a cloud only installation of the Sage SalesLogix 2011 R2 release with the eval database, and the Advanced Analytics feature. We are also planning an on-premise beta cycle for Advanced Analytics in the near future.


If you are interested in participating in the cloud beta testing for Advanced Analytics, please send an email to the following address and I will provide you with additional details.


NOTE: Please include Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics Beta in the Subject line of the email.


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Re: Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics Beta Program

I hope that there are a couple of data mart tables in the beta.....TIBCO and QlikView were great on the "rapid dashboard development" matrketing hype, but many of us learned that going after Transaction oriented multi joined tables led to time out in memory......I'd love to see a Piplelne and actual Sales vs Quota (the GUI and table is still around, right?)  vs Last Year by Fact Table with dimensions of User, Account, Region, Product Category ,,,,for example.... That's how we were measured (and paid) at 5 out of 5 sales positions I held in another life....



RJ Samp