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Registered: ‎04-02-2009

SLX Mobile - Calendar bug?

A customer of ours reports the following experience when using SLX Mobile in iOS 5 on their iPads:

"I've noticed that the calendar is VERY buggy when using it on the iPad 2, iOS5. You click on Month view and then on a date and it jumps to the next month or sometimes even year. This does not happen when using a web browser from a PC and does not happen on an iPhone 4S, iOS5. Have you seen similar results?"


I can verify that this happens; it does so on our own in house system.

Is this a bug / or is there an easy fix?



Ross Jones

BrainSell Technologies

Skilled Commentator
Posts: 45
Registered: ‎04-02-2009

Re: SLX Mobile - Calendar bug? -> UPDATE

Seems to be only on iPad 1 & 2.

Looks like iPhone 4 works fine.




If you touch and hold a date in the Month view, the screen correctly switches to that day. If, however, you merely quickly touch a date in month view, the screen picks up the next month's layout (Dec, in this case) and takes you instead to that day..





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Re: SLX Mobile - Calendar bug? -> UPDATE

After researching matters a bit this is a v1.1 bug and it indeed does not work as intended on iOS5. However, the "localization" hotfix/release added functionality to the Calendar and completely re-did how interactions work and this bug no longer appears.


This release is dubbed v1.2 and includes internationalization language files, bug fixes, and several improvements (Calendar and PickList).


How the new Month View interacts:

Clicking/Tapping a date now selects the date cell (highlights blue) and you stay in Month View - below the month area is a date preview that will load several of the selected dates activities (a mini Day View). You then may select Day or Week - which will take you to that View for the selected date. 



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Re: SLX Mobile - Calendar bug? -> UPDATE

FYI.. vers 1.2 has been tested/released in France AFAIK but not yet released in North America.

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