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Problem with Account Products displaying old information related to a Legacy Form...

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Hi Everyone,


We are currently running version 7.0.1 and will be upgrading to 7.5.2 soon (next month or so). We were having a problem with some account groups that were not showing all accounts that have a specific product. While troubleshooting this I found what I think may be a bug:


When a product is created, an entry in the ACCOUNTPRODUCT table is created referencing the PRODUCTID an the Product Name, Description and ID are copied from the PRODUCT table into similar fields on this table. This is all good but then if someone goes to an Account and finds the wrong product was used and edits the product changing it by another one, the ACCOUNTPRODUCT table is updated with the new PRODUCTID but the Product Name, Description and ID are left untouched creating some inconsistancies...


We found this problem because we use a form wich I just noticed is Legacy from 6.2 called "Account Products", there is another form called "Assets" which seems to be the replacement and I noticed that "Assets" displays the information from the entry on the PRODUCT table referenced by the PRODUCTID so everything looks good but "Account Products" which is the one we are use on the day to day basis displays the information from the ACCOUNTPRODUCT table so the information is not correct...


Is this really a bug or just a resoult of using a Legacy Form? even if we were not to use that form the database inconsistency remains there... Does this still happens on the latest version? maybe someone could do a quick test for us, would really appreciate it... Depending on the answers we could just wait for the upgrade or implement a solution which would be a mix of using the new form plus using Scribe to fix the inconsistencies on the ACCOUNTPRODUCT table...


We also have another problem where the Contract owner (SECCODEID) is not updated when the Account owner is changed, causing people that now has access to the Account not to see those Contracts (as they do not have access to entities owned by the previous owner), but this is a different problem, I may open another thead for that one...


Any comments / help will be appreciated!



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