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Opportunities - linking to existing Notes/History

There are a couple of fields that must be entered when recording a note/phone call/meeting, etc. to Notes/History or you can't edit them later. These greyed out fields include Contact, Account, Time completed, Leader, Opportunity and Ticket.  Is there any possible way to change this?  I am particularly interested in being able to add an Opportunity to a note/call/email after the fact.  Often times a colleague will be emailing or talking to a contact about one thing and another topic comes up that at first isn't anything really, but after a few discussions turns out to be an opportunity so they open an opportunity.  The problem is then that these notes can't be added to the Opportunity, only the future correspondance can. 


Is there a way around this?  (I have had colleagues try to recreate the old history notes, but this is time consuming and not a good solution). 


We are on version





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Re: Opportunities - linking to existing Notes/History



You can modify the History Details View plugin.  You will find the logic in the code behind the form for locking down the controls.

Timmus Agersea
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Re: Opportunities - linking to existing Notes/History

You can build a "History Attacher" view like this:

1. create an Opportunity View (tab)

2. put a datagrid on it, but don't bind it to opportunity - bind it to the Account

3. In your datagrid, specify as a condition that the Opportunityid does NOT contain data. This will give you a list of all history for that account that is not tagged to an opportunity. You can add additional filters, etc... as it makes sense - like you may want to filter it down to the last 14 days.

4. Have some code on a button, or maybe a double click event that writes the current opportunityid into the history entry.


Hope that makes sense for you here...