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New Member
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Registered: ‎08-24-2010

.NET Extension Dependencies

 When adding a DLL in .NET Extensions Manager, the manager recognizes the dependent DLLs and adds it to the dependencies.

The .NET Plugins and dependencies are copied to the user computer path, "C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\SalesLogix\NETPlugins\[saleslogix user]\[Plugin Name]
My problem is: Some of the dependent DLLs are  common for several DLL plugins, and they are moved to the above path in duplicate in the users computer.
I am trying to find a way to centralize the common dependencies, so they would not be copied in duplicate to the user computer.
I appreciate any help
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Re: .NET Extension Dependencies

I believe the easiest way is to put all of your plugins in the same DLL (so that you only add 1 .NET extension in SalesLogix).

Otherwise, they get extracted to different folders, so the runtime has to copy them each time. It makes sense because the DLL could be of a different version in each plugin.

Another advantage is the DLL information is not duplicated in the database (if you have remotes then that is a big advantage)

Another way (which I have not tried myself) might be to have these DLL installed in the GAC instead, but then that would have to be installed on every user's machine.
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Re: .NET Extension Dependencies

Tephra, i've got the same problem with no luck.
I guess that you have to put every references inside the dll, or do it adding a new folder when you distribute the DLL to every user, that stores there the files you need and allow the DLL to read from there (Like "C:\NeededDll" fro example)
I asked some people from sage and wasn't sure if this "dependencies" issue can be done right now, as the .NET only seems to wirk with one simple dll
Let me know if you find more about this