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Mail Merge issue



In Saleslogix 7.5 (I think SP2, but don't know at the moment), which domain permission controls the mail merge functionality when its accessing a folder?  What I mean is is it using the currently logged in user, or is it using the user assigned to the services?


A customer is getting a mail merge "The attachment path could not be found" error.  But when I asked them to check network and user permissions, they said everything was fine and that that user definitely has access to the folder in question.


Could this error be caused by anything else?





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Re: Mail Merge issue

It' s the (SLX) "documents" folder as specified for the "office" in the admin app.


It's that (Windows) user's logged in permissons.. - typically the shared documents folder is set to "everyone - full control... or a Windows user group of ALL the SLX users - full control.

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