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Registered: ‎08-03-2011

Limit list of groups based on globalinfo(filtering)

I am looking to create a form that will be accessible on the toolbar.  It will give the user the ability to choose a single team they are on.  I will save that to a globalinfo.  Then I would like only the GROUPS for that team to be available.  I know I will need to pull from the Userid in the Plugin Table  where type =8.  I don't know where that GroupsPane view gets pulled from.


 One user may be a team member of 3-4 different teams.  Each team has a set of 15-20 different GROUPS that will be built.  So instead of them searching thru 45-60+ different GROUPS they have access to, they can limit it down to a specific team.  And is there even any additional filtering I can implement(based in Name)?