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Launch a Sales process from a Contact process?

Hey Everyone,


OK, I can see in SLX where you can launch a Contact process from a Sales process, but what if I wanted to do the reverse?  Case in point - Using Contact Processes as a follow up method for an initial sale.  Once the follow up (contact) is complete, I want to launch another Opportunity/Sales Process, but alas, I can not seem to the trigger to launch it.  Hopefully this is an easy answer versus a "write a script, call the script..." which also wouldn't be too bad if I knew scripting.  <sigh>...


Thanks in advance!




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Re: Launch a Sales process from a Contact process?

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You answered your own question..

 Write a script.. call a script. 


Point of Information...

  One can do a lot in SalesLogix w/out "scripting" (or codeing). However, in order to really get into it you have to script/code (unless you sub it out ;-)  

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