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Silver Contributor
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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Launch DataForm as a Modal MainView for ADD failing.

I've got a data form with an OK Button....stores new records and updates the old when you

1. Launch from the SLX Grid Add Edit OOTB popupmenu options.

2. Launch using ShowViewForRecord with the ID field for an Edit, or "" for an ADD.


Unfortunately ShowViewforRecord also does an automagic F5 RefreshMainView...which we want to avoid (some of those group reloads take up a lot of time, middle pane form's aXFormChange as well).


If I launch using a MainView container.....

then set the mainview object's.CurrentID to the underlying\grid ID value, all is well.


IF I set the currentID to garbage, I get an Invalid REcord screen.....


If I don't set the CurrentId I get a blank screen (that's good), populate controls as needed...when the user hits the OK button the record doesn't get inserted, although Edits\updates to existing records works fine.


Still trying to avoid  actually inserting the record.....


Is this simply a bug (popping a mainview containered data form with a blank ID will NEVER insert that record) that I have to write the insert?



RJ Samp