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Nickel Contributor
Posts: 56
Registered: ‎03-26-2009

LAN 7.5 - Forcing update of Contact Activity Display

I just finished up a small app that hijacks the normal activity completion under specific circumstances. I use the activity global scripts, and everything is working fine with one exception.


If the user is on the Contact (and I assume this would apply to Account as well) Record, the tab: Activities does not remove the activity after it has been completed.


I am using Application_BeforeCompleteActivity.

1 - test to see if this is one of "my" Activities and if it is not, just exit & let normal processing happen

2 - (assuming it is now one of mine) invoke my form

3 - if form was completed (mrOK), then delete the Activity & User_Activity Records

4 - RefreshActivitiesCache

5 - exit


This works just fine from the Calendar & Activities views.

 From the Contact view, if I click on any of the other tabs at the bottom and come back to the Activities tab... it is gone.


I have tried detecting if it is on the contact view, and if so - RefreshMainView. Total disaster here - not only does it not get rid of the actitivity, but it now pops this "Phantom/Already Deleted" activity on the screen to be completed.


What I've had to do as a quick fix is to detect anybody trying to edit or complete and activity that no longer exits. Ugly, but functional.


The question here is that if I know what Contact I am on, is there a way to get the Activities grid to refresh programmatically? This tab seems to be hard coded, and I can't find where it is exposed to code, if it is.


Suggestions or Solutions anybody?



Nickel Contributor
Posts: 56
Registered: ‎03-26-2009

Re: LAN 7.5 - Forcing update of Contact Activity Display

Is this uncharted territory?

Any suggestions?