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Interesting OOTB Bug in Contracts:Covered Assets

This bug has been there since 7.5.1 (Jan 8, 2009) and is in every release/version/SP right up to (and including 8.x ;-)


Scenario: Customer wants to Dis-Associate an Asset from a contract

Action: RMB (Right Mous Button) on the Asset in the grid

Result: Disassociate is "grayed out" all the time

Cause:.. what's wrong w/this code?


      If Not (grdAssets.Recordset Is Nothing) Then
            grdAssets.PopupMenu.Items(1).Enabled = False
             grdAssets.PopupMenu.Items(1).Enabled = (grdAssets.Recordset.RecordCount > 0)
      End If


Answer: If Not (grdAssets.Recordset Is Nothing) Then

Should be:  If (grdAssets.Recordset Is Nothing) Then

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