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HTML5 Mobile Web Application - Heads up tip on "non-NULLS"

I was showing someone the new html5 app yesterday on my Droid X and telling him it was connected to my live SalesLogix system (not a demo site). Of course Murphy's Law jumped right in front of me and it threw up an error dialog immediately when attempting to open up the first lead on the screen:

    "A server error occurred while requesting data"


I clicked OK,  then on the back arrow and all was fine. To see if this was a system or data issue, an attempt was made to open the 2nd lead in the list.. it opened fine. Going back to the first.. failed.. again..


This am using (Firefox/Firebug), the problem was was traced to the LEAD.LEADSOURCEID containing a "blank" in the LEAD record(s) which were throwing errors (yep.. found about twenty of them). A SImple SQL update statement via ExecuteSQL (in the Admin app) resolved the issue immediately:



This was just one example where "trashy data" can cause you to not obtain desired results.

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