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Nickel Elite Contributor
Posts: 107
Registered: ‎03-09-2011

Dot Net Extensions and the dispose() method

I hope this helps someone out.


A few individual users began experiencing odd behavior (SLX LAN Client Hanging) when using a .net extension i wrote.


This particular .net extension is designed to create some reports from different integrated databases using Crystal Reports in vS 2008.  It works great on almost all of the clients except 2 or 3.


After several attempts at isolating the differences in these users up to and including delting and recreating Windows Profiles and even replacing a machine. That didn't solve the problem.  One user in particular could create a new profile on a different computer that was working just fine, log on to SLX generate the report and the SLX lan client would hang.  No errors, no event logs, just hung.


I decided to review the report creation code in my .net extension and added explicit calls to the Dispose() methiod in the crystal reports and sqladapter objects.


Once deployed to our Staging environment the problems went away. I just deployed and verified the fix in production.


If you are using any third party DLLs in .Net Extensions, USE THE DISPOSE() METHOD you never know what undisposed  umanaged resources may be lurking out there just aching to ruin a user's day.


I hope this helps someone else.