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Registered: ‎02-15-2010

DoInvoke function, prevent other scripts to be launched while the view is open??

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I all.

I've a .net extension dll that automatically calls saleslogix scripts whenever some conditions are met on it..

My problem is that if i call a form from within a SLX button, using "Application.BASICFunctions.DoInvoke "View", "Personal:Form1", as long as this form is open, no scripts are executed from the dll .net extension.

But in the exact moment i close the form, (a modal one indeed) the scripts are executed, as if they were on a queue waiting for the form to be closed....

Problem is that while the form is open, i can't work with the variables that must be updated from the dll .net.. because the form prevents the scripts to be launched from the dll .net extensions, as long as it's showed on the screen (loaded) ...

Any idea on how to avoid this issue? should i open the form using other function? (note: i want it to be modal above everything else!!)