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Accepted Solution

Create my own view

Hi all.


We are currently on SalesLogix LAN v7.2.1.


I want to create something similar to the Sales Dashboard view provided in SalesLogix, but I want to add my own information.


For example, I want to add my own graph showing sales figures, data grids showing data specific to our organization.


How can I do this? The information that will be showed on this "view" would have ACCOUNT information, CONTACT information, custom table information. Basically, data will come from different places.


The end user would access this view from the toolbar. 


How can I go about this?


Thank you in advance!

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Re: Create my own view

What you are talking about is.. ".. How do I create my own MainView?..."


There's quite a lot you have to do to create MainViews w/all the bells and whistles... There's a good example on in the Developers' Subscription (worth EVERY penny!).. Even Partners (like us) subscribe to it. 


Another great starting source is the example in Steve Redmond's DevLogix book (my copy is DevLogix III) on page 117 

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Re: Create my own view

Take a look at the Visual Analyzer add on product from Sage.

It comes with a sample that gives you a good idea what the capabilities are. 

You will probably want to invest in the Developer module & then you can create some killer dashboards. 



Copper Elite Contributor
Posts: 72
Registered: ‎04-01-2009

Re: Create my own view

Thanks for your suggestions.


I have the DevLogix III book as well, I'll use that as a guide.