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Change Field Type in Architect

SLX 7.5.2 SQL2005


I need to convert a field in the SalesLogix account table from being a Date/Time field to being a Date field.

Can I just issue an "Execute SQLfrom the Administrator and send to remotes? Assuming that is ok, what tables to I have to update? The first one that comes to mind is the SECTABLEDEF; and I'd have to change the DATETIMETYPE from "U" to "D". Are there any others?


It looks like the field definition in SQL itself is the same for both date and date/time so I won't have to change it there.



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Re: Change Field Type in Architect

In the (SQL) db it is always a datetime field. It is how SalesLogix uses it and how the provider looks at it. Sectabledefs controls this.


Correct.. just use ExecuteSQL in the admin and send to ALL remotes as well (using 'U'). Nothing else needs to be touched.

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Re: Change Field Type in Architect

Ok I did that then. Thanks.


This was to resolve an isue where I'd get the following error on a custom date/time field whenever I manually typed in a daylight savings change date.  This was the error:


"Error: Row cannot be located for updating. some values may have been changed since it was last read"


Changing the field to Date fixed it.