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Biggest implementation of SLX

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Hi there, i ask you to post here the biggest implementation you have done for SLX.

The idea is to know how big are implementations out there.

We've installed one SLX for 400 users, but  usually, only 50 are connected at the same time (7.5.3 LAN VERSION)

Which are your biggest implementation? (or which is the biggest you heard about?)

No company names are required.., just the amount of users, the version of SLX and the concurrent users at a time

Thanks in advance, i think this information  could be very usefull for us to know how things are going out there...

Best regards

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Re: Biggest implementation of SLX

One customer has 700 remotes and 100 concurrent (using Terminal Services).


There are 4 synch servers (https) and 3 TS systems. - v7.2.2

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Re: Biggest implementation of SLX

One of my Customers had 4000 Web Users on their main Implementation of SalesLogix (they have 3 distinct SLX  Implementations so some users may have been moved to the parallel systems, but not a large amount).


The started on Legacy Web (6.2), We upgraded to 7.2 as soon as it was available and are now running 7.52

Some early estimates were that we were running about 400 concurrent users at peek.


We used 3 Web Servers with 5 SLX Instances running on Each server.


Large Database (over 80 GB). We migrated over 2000 individual Databases from their Legacy system and Integrated with Multiple backoffice systems.


Daily Data feeds from 2 or 3 external systems each night and Exchange Link.

Raul A. Chavez