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Copper Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎01-11-2011

Windows XP Compatability Mode

I have read that Saleslogix (version 7.2.0) will run in XP Compatability Mode on Windows 7. However, when we try, we get the error messages associated with trying to run SLX on Windows 7. For example, enumerations throw a variable not defined error. Also, the properties of the lookupedit control don't appear to be correct. There is a reference in the code to lueLookupEditControl.LookupID. This code works from XP machines, but on the Win7 running in Compatability mode an error appears that this is not a method or property of the object.


To run in compatability mode I right click on the .exe file, select properties, then select the Compatability tab and set to run in Compatability mode (Choosing XP SP 2 or SP 3). I also check the box to run as Administrator and set these settings for everyone who logs on to this computer.


Is there something else I should be doing to make the program run in compatability mode?

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Re: Windows XP Compatability Mode

Are you getting confused with Windows XP Mode with Windows 7?

Regards, Adam Travers
empath-e Services Limited
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Re: Windows XP Compatability Mode

Goes without saying this wouldn't be supported.


That said, disabling UAC would be the best start, after this disabling visual themes should get you closer to running the software but considering that you're running software that's 2 versions of Windows out of date, you may have to face the fact that this may not run at all.