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Registered: ‎08-19-2010

Visual Analyser 2.6 and remote databases

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Hi guys,


I feel I need to share the experience I have had with VA from a user perspective and getting it working with a remote database. Well the long and short of it is, it still doesn't work. After reading through a 2.6 training manual, it became apparent that at no point in the training documentation was there any mention of setting this up for remotes. I find this surprising as the steps involved in setting this up on a remote database are over complex. After speaking to Sage, they did point out that there were some steps in the implementation manual but after reading through what would be involved, we decided against taking this further.


I think when as part of an installation, you're advising customers to go in and modify code just for a normal install on a remote database, that's where it oversteps the bounds of a normal user installation. It seems as though we have an incomplete training manual, confusing installation instructions and over complex setup steps that customers are loathe to follow.


Can I please suggest that the installation and setup for VA on remote databases be added to the training course? As well as better instructions be written and a more intuitive installer creating for installing VA on a remote?

Many thanks,