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Nickel Contributor
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Tickets - can "Needed Date" be added to Calendar/Activities?



One of my Tech Support users asked me if it is possible to automatically add a Ticket to the calendar based on the "Needed Date" so he can better plan his work schedule.  Has anyone done something like that?  Or do you just have to assign activities?  Would you have to have KnowledgeSync to do that automatically? (We don't have that.)  Ideally I'd like to set up something that automates the process of scheduling so the users don't have more things to remember to do.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.





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Re: Tickets - can "Needed Date" be added to Calendar/Activities?


 Calendar is only for Activities. You cannot add Tickets to it nor TicketActivities.


Whan a person is "assigned" all you need to do is have some code create an Activity for that (assigned) user.


You do NOT have to go "outside" SLX to do this - it can be done inside... but if your user use multiple clients (Windows/LAN, Web, and/or Mobility I'd use something like TaskCentre (or you could use KS if that's all you have). WHY??.. because otherwise you would have to build a customization for each one ;-)

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