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Registered: ‎04-01-2009

Sync issues after ExactTarget email blast


We're using SLX 7.2.2 LAN with remote users. The ExactTarget Version is 2.8. Our marketing group seems to be on steroids, and is pumping out marketing campaigns through SalesLogix using ExactTarget's e-marketing plug-in. I really don't know much about this plug-in, so was hoping someone out there uses it and can provide some insight.

The issue is that marketing sent an email blast to 30,000 contacts last week, and from what I can tell, this created roughly 85,000 combined TEFs for my remote users. As they were synching, many seemed to be timing out waiting for the sync application to get all their files. Some of the users had TEFs totaling in the 250 meg range.

But the real problem was that poor old SLX seemed unable to handle tracking 85,000 files for potential conflicts and our conftran.stm file would immediately keep getting corrupt  and the sync cycles would fail (although, oddly, SLX reported Success even though nothing was processed in or out). Once I got the files down from 8.5 GB to about 3.0 GB, and in the 35,000 file range, the conftran.stm stopped getting corrupt.

SO... what I want to do is:
1. Ideally, only create the history records on the host and not have them sync out to the remotes. I can't use the history filters because the history record type is "email" and I need all the other email history records to sync out.

2. Not create any history records at all. It looks like this can be done as there seems to be a create SLX history option on the emailtracker Configuration screen, Defaults tab. ("SalesLogix History -> "Select Record to History as the default"),  but it is poorly documented (or else I just haven't been able to find the excellent documentation yet..), so it is all a bit vague.

Any ExactTarget experts out there?


BTW, we'll be testing Swiftpage as well, so kind of expect the same problem there....