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New Member
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Registered: ‎11-07-2012

Strangeness with Web Portal in DMZ

We have a couple of weird issues occurring with our web portal hosted in a DMZ and wondering if anyone has seen these issues before. I'm not sure if it is a portal issue or a firewall issue.


We have the following setup.


Internal Servers

saleslogix server

database server


External Server in DMZ

saleslogix webportal


We have opened port 1433 between the DMZ server and sales logix server and port 1706 between the DMZ server and the database server.


The webportal in the DMZ works in that we can add contacts/accounts/opportunities.

The issues we are experiencing is in the DMZ portal the menus are "cropped" (see image link)

Also - the main issue - is that we can't add products to an Opportunity - clicking on the plus sign for add product results in a dim screen and the user loses control but the Add product dialogue doesn't appear. The user has to refresh the screen to be get control back.

Has anyone experienced similar issues with this before? Hopefully someone can point us in the correct direction.





Copper Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎01-11-2011

Re: Strangeness with Web Portal in DMZ

This is an old thread, but from the information provided, it sounds like the user is using IE and is not in compatibility mode. Try turning on compatibility mode.