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Nickel Contributor
Posts: 62
Registered: ‎05-06-2010

Sales Processes - can it still auto advance if not going in order or all checkboxes checked?



I'm looking for suggestions on how others use this feature as well as technical suggestions to improve how we use sales processes. 


Currently we have one sales process regarding one small aspect that is a requirement for some sales, but not all sales.  We'd like to broaden our sales process to one that covers everything, but since certain steps wouldn't be necessary, we'd skip those.  I know that if you go through a process and check all the boxes, the stage will automatically update.  We use the stage a lot for keeping track of where things are. 


Here's our problem.  If you don't check off all the boxes, then it doesn't automatically update the stage.  This means someone has to remember to do two things (when it's hard enough to get them to do one).  Currently our users are just updating the stage, which means we lose a lot of info as to when each stage was actually completed.  We could probably convince them to use the check boxes if it automatically updated the stage to the latest stage depending on the date of the most recent box checked.  Is that technically possible  without a huge amount of customization?


If anyone has examples of how they use it, I'd love to learn about different ideas.