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Copper Elite Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-27-2010

Sage advertising on my dime

I was going to put a P.S. on a Visual Analyzer thread upon which I just posted but I wasn't sure if it might generate responses that could hijack the thread which obviously wouldn't be fair to the author.  In fact, this is one of the few posts where I'm not really looking for a response, just venting, within earshot of Sage management, hopefully.


When I open SalesLogix 7.2.2 for the first time, the Sales Dashboard is my only option on the NavBar and SpeedSearch is the right-most option on my Toolbar. Neither are very practical unless you're willing to pay more money to Sage for these premium components.


The Dashboards NavBar Content Type the least practical requiring every SalesLogix User to switch to one of the others like Sales, Marketing or Service and yes I've had users who didn't know how to click on the Accounts NavBar Button for months because it wasn't visible! Even if you switch to the Sales NavBar Content Type, the Sales Dashboard is your top-most NavBar Button which is impractical unless you buy the Visual Analyzer (QlikView) add-ons required to customize these Dashboards. And if your users Click on the SpeedSearch Button they're greeted with not 1, but 2, error messages!


Obviously, this is no accident but cheap advertising I'd expect from someone like Yahoo or Adobe where services are provided free to the user. Last I checked, Sage does not provide SalesLogix for free so please keep your advertsiing on products that we're paying for away from our users. It's tough enough to get them to use CRM without the Buttons that generate errors and seductive come-ons that can't be had on tight budgets.


BTW, this is just another reason, I, as a consultant, champion other CRM solutions to my client.



Larry Esposito


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Re: Sage advertising on my dime

Hi Larry


I'm not Sage Management, but hopefuly I can help with a couple of points. 


The Sales Dashboards aren't related to QlikView, they are part of the standard product.  The Sales Dashboards can be edited via the XML.


Qlikview is only required if you want to edit the Visual Analyzer dashboards which is a seperate entity to the Sales Dashboards and installs it's own seperate Nav Button.


You can also set which NavBar users are presented with when they first log in.  This can be done in the Administator for each user on the Client Set-up Tab.  You can do this as part of the implementation so that your users don't ever have to face this issue.


I hope this helps.


Kind regards, Emma



Copper Elite Contributor
Posts: 153
Registered: ‎02-27-2010

Re: Sage advertising on my dime



Thanks for your reply. I'll review documentation and forward your comments to our BP for clarification. They provided a Webinar on Dashboards and I was under the impression that VA was the way to go if you wanted to make practical use of Dashboards.


Thanks again,