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New Member
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Registered: ‎12-20-2011

SLX 8 - Drag and Drop problem

We just implemented a client on version 8 (updates through 09, web core 03, web model 03) and a couple of users are having trouble with drag-and-drop of e-mails to Notes/History.  It doesn't affect every user, and we have not been able to identify a common software set of those affected (compared to those operating normally).


The users can drag emails to Attachments, but not to Notes/History.  There is no error - it appears to be working, and then doesn't.  The users are on IE 9, but others on IE 9 have no problems.  We have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Desktop integration.  Note:  the login page shows ehancements as installed, but the Options page does not - I hope that symptom can help.


In this case, Record to History is not what we want as the e-mails may be about opportunities and may be from contacts at partners/vendors or internal.  The current work-around is to create a note and drag the email to the attachments tab there, but that still requires copying the body of the e-mail to the note.

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Re: SLX 8 - Drag and Drop problem

We have had this issue and the only way we can get this work is by checking the following


  • make sure your using IE9
  • add the slx site to the trusted sites in IE

If I find anything else I will keep you posted