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New Member
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Registered: ‎04-06-2009

SLX 75.1 Sales Process is very disappointing

We've deployed Sales Processes a few months ago so we can utilze the sales dashboard reports ( a big selling point on an expensive upgrade!).  Very disappointed with it's functionality.  Sales Team hates it.  We have 5 stages each with about 5 steps.  We made only the final step mandatory, however, all steps have to be completed to move on to the next stage.  What's the purpose in making certain steps mandatory if you have to have all checked to move on. 


Additionally web users have a very difficult time clicking all the steps because the screens jump around, I just had a user trying to update opportunities on the web client and it did not save her work.


Was hoping to do all our internal RFQs through Opportunities and spent a tremendous amount of time setting up all the sales processes only for them to be difficult to use.  


Has anyone had any success deploying sales processes?  Let me know what works.  Anyone doing internal quoting (between buyers and sales)?  

Nickel Super Contributor
Posts: 105
Registered: ‎11-11-2009

Re: SLX 75.1 Sales Process is very disappointing

Hey Patty,


I have created Sales Processes where I haven't made any stage or step mandatory and it reports properly in my forecasting pipeline.  If the user clicks on the next stage, the probabilities actively move with it.  I think its just a matter of finding the proper setup that you like for your sales process and I did this through trial and error.  A suggestion would be to start off with a smaller process with a limited number of stages and steps.  If this works the way you want it to, then start adding steps and stages and retest to ensure it functions properly.


As for the web, I found that the screen doesn't jump around much when the processes are smaller in size.  The fact that the update your user made didn't save is puzzling.  There should be no problem with that if you have not customized that area of SLX.  Document this further and provide the information to your business partner.  If its a bug in the system, the should be able to rectify it for you.


Hope this helps