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Remote Attachments not always "delivered".

We are using 7.2.2 LAN. We have recently started getting some attachments that show up as "Available" at remotes instead of "Delivered". Our attachments are pretty small ( 150 kb-ish) and there aren't that many that go out... maybe 40 a day total. Not all users will get all 40. Most would receive 5 or 6 at max. We have no attachment filters on, and all remotes sync attachments.
We are noticing that some attachments are not being sent to the remotes. These attachments tend to be created on remote databases, either user remotes or our remote office. All the attachments make it to the host, just not back out to other remotes. There is nothing that jumps out as obvious... The sizes and dates/times are similar to other attachments that do make it back out, and the users don't seem to knowingly be doing anything different on the attachments. Anything come to mind that I am overlooking?
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Re: Remote Attachments not always "delivered".

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There is an article on the Sage KnowledgeBase which has helped me in the past, resolution 1!


Any file containing the following settings will not receive the attachments, even though the entry exists in SalesLogix:

  1. Set to Read-Only
  2. Is not first saved to the hard drive of the user who receives it in e-mail and then directly attaches it
  3. Any user who does not have full control for the directory where the attachments are stored on the domain

Just to add to this, you might want to ensure its not your AV?   

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Re: Remote Attachments not always "delivered".

Another scenario is.. file name too long and it does not get moved from the "temp" to the actual Document directory.


This is a KI. 

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Re: Remote Attachments not always "delivered".

Thank you guys!  All scenarios are possible here!  I appreciate your responses... Now I have something to drill into!