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New Member
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Registered: ‎08-23-2013

Questions about marketing campaigns in SalesLogix

All of these questions are in the marketing campaigns menu. They are very basic and can probably have many answers, but they are features that I do not currently use very well and I am curious as to how others are utilizing them.


  • In the Budget/Results tab, what is the difference between Expense and Estimated Cost?
  • How do you use the Stages/Tasks in your campaigns?
  • How do you use Leads and Contacts? I currently have all of my prospects and suspects as Contacts and I'm not sure the best way to use the leads tab...
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Questions about marketing campaigns in SalesLogix



I use campaigns in a couple different ways. My biggest type of campaign is for trade shows where we exhibit.  I don't have any customizations, and it seems there were probably slightly different intentions behind the way it was intended, but I find it useful for tracking my deadlines and costs for shows like this:


1. Stages and Tasks - for this I enter all my marketing work for example:

Stage: Exhibit space

  Task: Payment #1

  Task: Payment #2

Stage: Exhibit services

  Task: Carpet rental

  Task: Electricity rental

  Task: Compressed air rental

Stage: Shipping

  Task: Inbound shipping

  Task: Outbound shipping

Stage: Promotional postcard

  Task: Creative design

  Task: list rental

  Task: Printing costs

  Task: USPS costs

Stage: Travel and Accommodation

  Task: Airfare

  Task: Hotel


This way I have all the cost of a show.  When we return from the show, any leads get attached to the campaign and then any corresponding Opportunities get associated with the campaign so I can view the ROI.  As for the estimated and actual costs - usually they are the same for me, although if for instance we ended up changing plane tickets last minute, I might leave the original estimate and the higher actual as a reminder that costs were higher for a reason.


I also have some on-going campaigns or ones I've set for a year period that have no real stages or tasks, but are helpful to track success rate of specific types of Opportunities.  For example sometimes we send out loaner equipment and we'd like to track those Opportunities.  So I created a campaign for this and attached Opportunities to it.  Then I can easily see how many of our Opportunities are open/won/lost.  Since this type has no real time period, depending on the type, I either have one campaign that is continuous, or open a separate one for each year.





New Member
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-23-2013

Re: Questions about marketing campaigns in SalesLogix

Hey Kim,

Thanks for the thorough reply. It's always beneficial to see how other people use certain features.

I appreciate your time and response.