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Online Tutorial

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Is there a simple online tutorial, similar to what uses, to quickly come up to speed on how to use the application? I am new to SalesLogix but not new to CRM and would love a selfguided tutorial.



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Re: Online Tutorial

Well first of all, there's some built in assistance on the "Welcome page" of SalesLogix web. It's a section called "Do You Know" and covers the following:

      How to add a New Account

      How to add a New Contact

      How to add an Opportunity

      How to use Mail Merge

      How to create a group using Query Builder

      How to change my personal Options


There's also another section on links.


I'd suggest you get a company wide subscription to the user videos in Low cost and certainly worth it. 

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Re: Online Tutorial

Thanks for supporting the Sage SalesLogix Anytime Learning Subscriptions, RJ! Smiley Wink


Vivian, please visit to learn more about SalesLogix Anytime Learning from Sage University. A Subscription at Sage University gives you access to a large repository of short training videos available whenever and wherever you are. Rather than focus on learning topics in a particular sequence in a scheduled time-slot, this type of training allows you to learn new skills as you need them. Consider it a virtual warehouse of "How do I...?" questions-answered before you ask them!


We offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have.


James Adamthwaite

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