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Registered: ‎06-03-2011

Missing DLL

We're running SLX 7.5.3, just upgraded from 7.5.0. I've noticed that when I try to run RegisterSLXNetExtensions.bat I get the error Assembly not found. On further investigation, I've discovered that policy.7.5.sage.Saleslogix.NetExtensions.Framework.dll is missing. This is the same on all our client stations both before and after sp3. So... where's the dll and why is it missing?

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Re: Missing DLL

I know that this is an old post but if anyone else has the problem it's due to the "policy.7.5.Sage.SalesLogix.NetExtensions.Framework.dll" being missing on the client PC. It only seems to get installed if you have Administrator and Architect installed. You can just copy it from the Server SLX install folder onto the client machine and then run the RegisterSLXNetExtentions.bat. Or you can simply remove the "SLXNetExtensionsInstall.exe policy.7.5.Sage.SalesLogix.NetExtensions.Framework.dll" entry from the bat file.


Not sure why it's not installed with the client install