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Avid Listener
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Registered: ‎04-02-2009

Mail Merge (Office 2007), Mail Merge hyperlink that includes SLX field data

Hopefully someone has gone down this road before meTrying to create a hyperlink in a mail merge that contains a SalesLogix ID as a parameterEnd result would be something like where SLXIDVALUE is the contactID from SalesLogix.


Adding a standard hyperlink from the Word menu results in a static hyperling like<CONTACTID>.  I have found instructions for modifying the hyperlink mergefield as follows:


 { HYPERLINK { MERGEFIELD "Contact_Contactid" <SLXMergeField name="CONTACTID" calculate="false" formatType="0" formatString=""></SLXMergeField> } \* MERGEFORMAT }


but this still does not do the trick.  May have to resort to creating these outside of the standard SalesLogix mail merge process.


SLX 7.5 SP2, Office 2007

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Registered: ‎04-24-2009

Re: Mail Merge (Office 2007), Mail Merge hyperlink that includes SLX field data

Unfortunately, Microsoft Word does [not] make it easy to insert a MERGEFIELD in a HYPERLINK field (please see


However, you have complete control of the Microsoft Word document when using the Custom Mail Merge field type (inserted using the template editor).



SystemSmiley FrustratedLX Mail Merge OnCustomFieldName


  'Add a hyperlink to the document for the custom mail merge field named "INSERT_SOME_HYPERLINK"

  Select Case strFieldName
      Dim sUrl
      sUrl = "" & strContactID
      oRange.Hyperlinks.Add oRange, sUrl, "", "Screen Tip", "Please click here."



In 7.5.2 you can edit the MailMerge.vbs to do the same (search for Sub MailMergeEngine_OnCustomFieldName).