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Registered: ‎04-11-2014

Linking a Parent Contract to the Child

Can someone help me? I am trying to get a parent contract to appear in the contract options available for a child account. So when a ticket is created from the child account the parent account contract will appear as one of the contracts available for selection. I would like to have this linked between parent and child without having to create a duplicate contract under the child contracts.


Lets say we have a parent company that purchased a tech support contract. They would like for each of their child accounts to have access to the tech support contract without having to duplicate each contract for each child account. We would like the child account to be able to call  in and when the tech creates a ticket for the child account, the tech support contract that was originally created and managed in the parent contract will appear in the child ticket contract options. That would mean that the ticket would have to be linked to the main parent contract when it is created in the child contract. So the parent contract will be able to hold all tickets that are associated witht that contract. The ticket information will be viewable from both the parent and the child account. But the contract will be managed from only the parent contract.


I really appreciate the help.