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Linking Opp to sent email - any ideas for improving the user experience?

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Does anyone else find this challenging or have any ideas for improving this usage issue?  When users reply to email, or simply send email using the 'Send SLX' button, and want to link the email to an Opportunity, it is extremely difficult to find the Opportunity. 


It doesn't default to the Opps associated with the Account to which the email belongs.  Searching by description, the default isn't helpful as most of our Opps are labeled by the equipment we sell so they are similiar.  We have many companies we sell to that have multiple locations and several Opps, so trying to pick the right one out of a list of 20 or so is a challenge.  It doesn't help that although there are several columns of info, you can't make the window bigger to see them all at the same time, but must uses the scroll bar.  Making it default to only those Opps that aren't closed would also improve the list since usually the email is regarding a currently open Opportunity and we may have a dozen already closed one way or the other.


I know we could drag and drop it directly into the Opportunity, but I would think the Send SLX would be more efficient.  If one gets an email, they may not need to Open to the SLX account to review anything so navigating to that Opp requires extra steps.


Does anyone have a better idea?  Or is there some way to make SLX default to those Opps associated to the Account rather than search all Opps?


Oh, and finally, this is SLX8 cloud.




Sorry for the double post - when I posted the circle kept spinning so I gave up and tried again when I didn't see it.  I could only figure out how to edit this post, not delete it.

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Re: Linking Opp to sent email - any ideas for improving the user experience?

We have a customer that had the same predicament. Our developer’s customised the form and Saleslogix Desktop Manager to allow the option to return only the associated Opportunities for the current Account. I can tell you now they had ‘fun’ with the SlxDesktopIntegrationSetup.exe so if you do go down the customisation route you have be warned Smiley Wink


Send SLX Opps

Regards, Adam Travers
empath-e Services Limited
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 62
Registered: ‎05-06-2010

Re: Linking Opp to sent email - any ideas for improving the user experience?

Thanks for the tip, and the warning.  I will have to get our admin to look into that.