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Leads and "Importing Into" Quandry

Hey Everyone,


I think I know the answer already, but just wanted to see if maybe, somehow, someway, I was missing something...  We have a CSV file with several hundered companies and associated multiple contacts per company.  When the time comes to import them into the Lead subsection of SLX, each company will be inserted as many times as there are contacts per company, correct?  So if Company A, has 3 contacts, Company A will be in the Lead section 3 times, Company B has 7 contacts, listed 7 times, etc...  From what I can tell, there is no what to have a single company with multiple contacts.


Running SLX 7.5.0 LAN w/ remote client.


Thanks in advance for any ideas, thoughts, or other possible work arounds.





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Re: Leads and "Importing Into" Quandry

You are correct. Leads were intentionally designed to not work like Account/Contact.


When you "convert" a lead to a contact you can have it do the "merge" into one account at that time. 

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