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Nickel Contributor
Posts: 62
Registered: ‎05-06-2010

LAN to Cloud-Tickets & Related Assets



When we were on the LAN version (7.0.something) and you entered a Ticket, there was a field on the main screen to link the Ticket to a specific serial number (Asset).  There was also a separate tab for Related Assets where you could enter multiple serial number info.


In the Cloud, we now only have the tab Related Assets, and don't seem to have the previous field in the main view for linking a Ticket to an asset. 


What happened to this field?  I know they seemed a little redundant, and were (in our case) somewhat confusing in the case where a single ticket was opened for an issue that impacted multiple assets, but now it's caused the following issue:


I have some assets on an account which are no longer associated with that account.  (The company moved the assets to another location.)  Since we can't "move" assets (at least not that I'm aware of), I created new assets on the new account and would like to delete them off the old.  The problem is I can't delete assets that are associated with a Ticket.  When I check the "Related Assets" tab, I don't see any links to Tickets.  I'm guessing that the Ticket was created before the upgrade and linked through this now hidden/non-existent serial number field.  Actually I have an old group which seems to access these old fields - I found the actual Ticket number associated with the asset, but the "related assets" field doens't show the serial that's linked to it. 


I believe these fields are all "out-of-the-box" standard SLX fields.  Though we had some customizations in Tickets in the LAN version, it was not related to these fields, and we currently haven't implemented any customizations in the cloud.


Help requested:

1. How do I disassociate the Ticket from the Asset from this hidden field?

2. Anyone know why this field disappeared?

3. If the serial number field disappeared because it was redundant to the Related Assets field - shouldn't that have been addressed at the upgrade and transitioned to the Related Assets?  How much of a challenge is it to do that now? 

4. Do I need to have my administrator make that old field visible on some form somewhere so that I can edit the data or is there some other better way? 


Thanks for any insights and suggestions you have on the issue.