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Silver Contributor
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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Re: LAN Client Lockups Version 8 with HF 00 - 05

7.5.4 to 8 requires HF-00......SO I would install 00-04, 06-08 in that order......and build sequence for the clients.....

RJ Samp
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 57
Registered: ‎03-28-2009

Re: LAN Client Lockups Version 8 with HF 00 - 05

Yes to TS lockup and desktop.


I did notice something... is everyone building the Network Client and using the MSI file versus installing the Client and manually installing each HF?


If so, HF00 does not update the Client Build.

Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-08-2009

Re: LAN Client Lockups Version 8 with HF 00 - 05

We have found that this same issue can cause TaskCentre to lock-up when updating through the SalesLogix Provider.

The issue came to light at a customer after they upgraded to SLX 8.0 with all then current service packs. Tasks that created Activities off of triggered events (using VB Script, not the via the SalesLogix Connector Tool) which previously ran fine under 7.5.4, would lock-up and remain in memory, causing the run queue to clog up and stopping all other tasks firing. By terminating the IWTSKRUN process TaskCentre would then start running again.


As a work around the code was changed so that the Provider was called to get the next primary key, but the actual Insert was done using a SQL Native client object instead. In this case, no synchronization was required. If Sync is required this workaround should not be used.


After removing SP5 TaskCentre no longer locked up.

Paul Cannon
Fisher Technology
Posts: 44
Registered: ‎08-19-2009

Re: LAN Client Lockups Version 8 with HF 00 - 05

[ Edited ]

Hi all,


I may be wrong here, but I think I am right in thinking that in all your examples you have installed SLX 8.0 SNC Update 05?


Its worth noting that this HF was pulled due to an issue with the fix for Defect: 13091516 Force Delphi to allocate memory on the heap in a thread protected way when the IsMultiThread global variable is set to True.


This has cause performance issues for some and is fixed in SLX 8.0 SNC Update 09.



If your updating any sites in the future do not install and skip SLX 8.0 SNC Update 05.



Kind regards,