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New Member
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Registered: ‎02-05-2014

Is it possible to merge multiple duplicate accounts?

So we have 1000's of duplicate accounts and my manager told me they have to be done manually, one by one...

Is there a way (i would assume there should be) to merge more than 1 at a time? Even if it requires administrative powers.


And if it is, please advise how.



Bronze Elite Contributor
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Re: Is it possible to merge multiple duplicate accounts?

Your manager is correct, you will be prompted to identify which record is the primary and which record is the merge for each Account found. You could look at a 3rd party application like Paribus from QGate. I’m not 100% sure if it will de-dupe on mass as I have not used it for a very long-time.

Regards, Adam Travers
empath-e Services Limited
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Re: Is it possible to merge multiple duplicate accounts?

Hi Josua,


I'm Edward from QGate Software Ltd. We offer a powerful deduplication tool called Paribus Discovery, enabling your business to see the value in your data. One of its many features is that it allows you to search, merge and purge an unlimited number of records, eliminating the tedious job of going through duplicate records one by one.  There are many more benefits Paribus Discovery will have on your business which are aviable to view on our website


We also offer a free trial (in the link provided above) of Paribus Discovery for you to see the effectiveness of our deduplication tool.


Feel free to get in contact with us at and I will respond to any queries you may have.