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New Member
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Registered: ‎11-02-2010

Integration Product Configurator and MFG Pro (QAD) in SalesLogix



For one of our customers I've been trying to find solutions for the following:


  • Integrate a Product Configurator / Quote Maker in SalesLogix
  • Integrate MFG Pro (QAD) in SalesLogix


I am wondering if anyone has this and if they can let me know where to find it or how to do it. I couldn't find a solutions anywhere.



Bronze Super Contributor
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Re: Integration Product Configurator and MFG Pro (QAD) in SalesLogix

Hi Erik,


Make any progress on this?


We are on 7.2.2 LAN and had a complete Quote Module created for us by our BP. It has a child relationship to the opportunities, but does not have a product configurator at all.  Uses a Crystal Report to create the customer facing document.

We don't really have any integration to MFG/PRO since there is no connect between our Sales Force and our Manufacturing groups and both groups create their own accounts at will. The integration there is kind of a nightmare since MFG/PRO has Sold-To, Bill-To, Ship-To, End-User (Installed base), but not really any contacts and SLX has Accounts and is really Contact centric.  Just trying to keep those two systems in sync is a monumental task.

Here is the best we have done.   We have a custom frame in MFG/PRO that pops during SO creation or update which prompts the user for the Quote Number, Revision Number, PO Number, and PO Date. The Order Entry person enters that information, and nightly we have an SQL job that looks for SO records created or updated that day. (We use Pro2SQL to copy QAD table changes from Progress into SQL reporting tables).  The job then copies the SO Number, SO Order Entry Date, PO Number, PO Date, and MFG/PRO id of the user making the change into a custom SLX table (only in database,not exposed to SLX app). 


Another job then updates the SLX database using the SLX provider. On the quote record in SLX, we have fields for the QAD data, and once an order is recieved against the quote, we automatically close the Opportunity as "Won".  So, we do have some visibility between the two systems.


Been meaning to start bringing back the MFG/PRO Sold-To, Ship-To, Bill-To information as well so that we can start building a cross reference table between the two systems in an on-going way.


Let me know if you any jewels we might be able to use.



New Member
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎11-02-2010

Re: Integration Product Configurator and MFG Pro (QAD) in SalesLogix

Hi Patrick,


Thanks for your reply. My apaologies for responding so late.


My customer has choosen for another solution, So in time we have to say goodbey to this customer.


Again thanks for your input.


Kind regards,