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Silver Contributor
Posts: 835
Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Re: Import Wizard SLX v8.0

If Bob can't see the records and others can....

1. May not have the same Secured Actions and Roles......double check. I'm sure there were changes in 8.0 from 7.5x....

(I know a guy in Wheaton ILL who complained about being able to Add an Account when Add ContactAccount was allowed but Add an Account wasn't.....)

2. May not be on the same teams.....double check.

3. Have Bob log in on another machine

4. Have the other user log in on Bob's machine....

5. if that doesn't work, then you start looking at browsers, operating systems.....

RJ Samp
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-02-2011

Re: Import Wizard SLX v8.0

I called support and we figured it out.  Some of you may already know this, but I obviously did not.


I had created the new Team through the web client.  That was the problem.  Teams should be created through the Administrator application.  Once we created a new Team through Administrator and did another import, the user Bob was able to see the account details.  All other settings (Roles, Secured Actions, Team membership) were all fine.


Thanks for the input.