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New Member
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Registered: ‎03-18-2011

Import Wizard Problems

I'm having problems with my the Wizard.


When it comes to importing a .csv file,  the import is fine until it comes to mapping the individual fields from the file to SalesLogix.


Instead of each field from the file listed separately so that I can map each individual field as so:


- SalesLogix Import File 1



      -Post Code

      -City etc.


they are all listed as 1 field like this:


- SalesLogix Import file 1

      - Firm,Street,Post Code,City,Name,Surname,Function,Email,Telephone


And yet a few steps before the mapping when you can do Data Definition, each field is listed separately with their Field Type and Width. 


I don't understand what the problem is.

Any chance anyone else does?




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Registered: ‎08-23-2010

Re: Import Wizard Problems

I realize this thread is a bit old and hope you've made it passed this. However I wanted to mention I don't think the Import Wizard is really supported or being improved by Sage. I would highly recommend investing in a better import tool, such as Starfish ETL. It's the only ETL tool out there that supports both Saleslogix OLEDB and SData.

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Re: Import Wizard Problems

I beg to differ on the support issue of the IW by Sage SalesLogix. It is a fairly mis-understood component/tool that is part of the official distribution/release of SalesLogix.


With the Scorpion release (v7.0) it received a significant set of new features including VBScripting (same vbscript as SalesLogix) to do "transforms", etc. Todd Hardin (Sage Pro Services) created a great framework for ACT to SalesLogix using it.


I have a lot of bits and pieces on all of this and will be posting a blog in the near future on

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