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Registered: ‎02-19-2010

How to set the default filter when converting Leads



I have a problem when converting leads in SLX 7.2

When I click in a lead the button Convert qualified lead SLX will check if this lead exist against Contacts and Accounts. The problem is that he will not find something because under the button "Match all selected filters: Filters (drop down) there are too many conditions listed. He will by default match to company + last name + first name + title + email address + ...

I want to adapt this list so that by default SLX will only match upong Account Name + Last Name + First Name


How can I do this?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: How to set the default filter when converting Leads

We changed this a few years back and are continuing to tune it for our needs. Here's how we disabled the pre-checked items in the match function:


Open the System:ConvertLead form and scan down to about Line 700 (in 7.5.x). That should be the location of the code that controls the match to the "Title" field. Look for the True value


   oItem.Checked = True 


and change it to False. Actually, comment out the original and modify the copy. Continue down the list to turn off the other items.


'   oItem.Checked = True 

   oItem.Checked = False