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HELP - Deleting 500,000 records?

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Two questions:


1. Is there a faster way to delete 500,000 records than Tools/Maintenance/Purge?


2. Once I begin a delete, if I cancel 1/2 way, will those records already deleted stay deleted?


I started a purge over 9 hours ago and so far only 60,000 +/- deleted.


Thanks Terry


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Re: HELP - Deleting 500,000 records?

Big "Depends".....

   Depends on:

         A - does the data need to synch?

         B - Do you know enough SQL to be able to construct (and run) the SQL commands in the proper order


It's possible to execute a series of SQL commands to do what you want to do. The important thing is to delete the "child" (lowest level" records first.


No matter how you do it - it's not going to be instantaneous.


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