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Data Cleaning ?



We're running 7.2.2, LAN and looking at Paribus for data cleaning. Actually, quite like it, and it is within financial grasp. However, it wouldn't be prudent not to look at other solutions as well. What other solutions are you actually using, and what are your thoughts about them?


Primarially, we are looking to clean up existing SLX data, and dedup incoming marketing lists, either prior or after import into SLX.



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Re: Data Cleaning ?

Hello Patrick, You are search of a unicorn that is clean data. We are on 7.5.3 web. I have looked into many "cleansing" services in the past. Each time, it comes back to the same dance, export data, scrub and import. The beginning and end being the most important. At the end of the day, it comes down to having solid safeguards in place to limit it from happening again. There are many lockdowns that can be made in the Admin and Arc. We took it on our own to clean it up, because who knows what information is most valuable, the company itself. The best advice I can give is take small bites, clean up a field, then create the lock downs and requirements in the field setting.
Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Data Cleaning ?

Rich is right on this one...


I've been looking for a good clean up solution for my existing SLX and MAS500 data and all signs point to manual work to limit losing potentially valuable data.


Where's the staples "easy button" when you need it? haha


Should be a fun few months for me Smiley Wink


I wish I had more for you....


Let us know if you do find an awesome solution!

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Re: Data Cleaning ?

Data cleansing is the process of uncovering and correcting inconsistent records from a table, a set, or database. This is used mainly in databases to identify imperfect, incorrect, erroneous and irrelevant parts of the data and then modifying, replacing or deleting the incorrect data.

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Re: Data Cleaning ?

I believe Paribus is probably the most widely used amongst the SLX Community.


Thanks, Emma