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Registered: ‎08-19-2010

Customize Address Labels

Hi all,

Since I am discovering a lot of interesting functionalities in SLX, I would like to know / learn how to customize the address labels…

The problem is that when I use the explanation below, that it provides me the wrong content on the labels.

Is there a way to customize the information to be displayed on the labels?


Thanks in advance!





FYI : what I found in the Help, searching on “address labels”

Printing Address Labels or Envelopes

You can use Mail Merge to create and print address labels and envelopes. You can create address labels or envelopes for one contact or lead or for multiple contacts or leads.

To create and print address labels or envelopes

1.     On the Write menu, point to Address Labels.

2.     In Merge With area, select one of the source options .

3.     If applicable, select Do NOT send to contacts marked "Do Not Solicit".

4.     To get an estimate of the number of labels you need, click Count to view the merge count information.

5.     In the Label Type area, select a label or envelope.
The Sample Label area populates with the label type you selected, except when a selected label type requires additional filtering; then a blank label will be shown.

6.     If you need to change the selected printer properties, click Printer Properties.

7.     Insert labels or envelopes into the printer, and then click Print.

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Re: Customize Address Labels

[ Edited ]

You say the content on the labels is actually wrong, or just not what you wanted? Smiley Indifferent


Anyway, those are just Crystal Reports - any Report plugin in the "Labels" family whose MainTable is "Contact" should appear in that dropdown list, if I recall correctly. So you'll need the Crystal XI R2 Report Designer installed, and then it's just a matter of going into Architect, choosing "Mange|Reports" and then finding the label report you want to modify or copy (unless you'd rather create a new one).


If you've never worked with Crystal Reports before, don't worry, it's super-easy! Just remember when you save the plugin to make sure it's in the "Labels" family, and also go into the properties window for the plugin and set the MainTable to "Contact." Also, if you're doing this on a notebook computer near an incinerator, it's usually a good idea to shut down the incinerator first, just in case.

Posts: 5
Registered: ‎08-19-2010

Re: Customize Address Labels

Hi John,


thanks for your quick reply.

(the content on the labels is wrong, because an address label in SLX seems to start with the gender Smiley Tongue)  


Since I am not a technical person, I'll ask a colleague to look at this.

I'll let you know if it turned out well.