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Convert Lead to Contact Script

This question is related to SalesLogix Web Client. Scenario: I created an check box in a LeadDetails form via Application Archited, I also created similar check box in a ContactDetails form. Both check boxes have same name and control ids. Usually when a Lead is converted to a Contact it propagates/merges Lead's Data to Contact. For example: If I check the Do Not Mail checkbox for a Lead and than convert this lead in to a contact, it will carry over the chechbox's status over to a contact. My Question: How do I make my custom made entities to carry over the status to a contact when I convert my lead in to a contact? Or better yet where is a script/code that does that in a SLX Web Client build? Is it in a SmartPart?
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Re: Convert Lead to Contact Script

I did this by Editing the SmartPart "LeadSearchAndConvert.ascx.cs"

In the function "ConvertLeadToContact" between the lines Account.Save(); and Contact.Save(); (approx line 990 in v7.5.3) 


contact.PROPERTY = sourceLead.PROPERTY; (replacing PROPERTY as required)

Martin McRiley..